Isn't it possible
Little Green
can help change the world?

Yes! LITTLE GREEN is a fun and educational book, encouraging children to be confident while they learn about animal groups, skills, sounds and traits. Now, Little Green can make a bigger difference with Little Green's Big Green Project.

Paraphrase, LLC and author Arnold Rudnick are proud to partner with non-profit organizations that support children, education, families and literacy. 

Qualified organizations receive a donation of 100 books and net profits from all new book sales of 'Little Green' (ISBN: 978-0981587974) for the month of their promotion. 

If you would like Little Green to work with your organization, please e-mail for more information.

"Then, isn't it possible I'm a goose without wings?"
Little Green is a frog, and a frog is not a goose.

It's about time we admit that not everything is possible.  For too long, movies and books have pretended anything is possible, but kids are smart and know that's not true, so messages that are meant to motivate quickly become empty platitudes. 

However, ALMOST anything IS possible! This simple, honest qualification offers a more powerful message and an inspirational lesson for everyone in LITTLE GREEN, a picturebook for 2-7 year olds written by Arnold Rudnick, with illustrations by Marcelo Gorenman.

In addition to this valuable lesson, readers are introduced to fundamentals of animal groups (a flock of geese), animal traits (geese have wings), and animal skills (geese fly), while rhyming helps younger children read along on Little Green's journey.

"Isn't it possible" a little green frog can change the world? Maybe... with your help! Order your copy of LITTLE GREEN and share this fun and inspirational book with family and friends.

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